Unused AreasEdit

Unused Exit in 4-5Edit

Using the Game Genie code AOSUZSSI, it is possible to access a hidden exit to the level. This exit is all in black and different than the typical exit. No ideas as to why this is even here in the first place. A video clip can be seen of this area here starting at 7:03.

(Source: Rick L)

Unused Exit Area in 5-1Edit

Using the Game Genie code AOSUZSSI, you can access the original exit to 5-1, though unlike the unused exit in 4-5, this one does not contain a 'card' to exit the level with.

This is accessible by normal means in the Japanese version, as this is the original exit. The exit was changed in the American release due to a glitch in the Japanese version involving the treasure box. More info about this glitch can be found here (Scroll to the 5-1 Treasure Box Glitch section).

A video that shows off this exit can be seen here starting at 0:08.

(Source: Rick L)

Debug ModeEdit

The Game Genie code KKKZSPIU enables a debug mode hidden in the game. This unlocks quite a few features, both in and out of the game.

On the title screen, the following is available:

  • Pressing "Up" and "Down" selects your starting world.
  • Pressing "A" gives you five more lives to start the game with each time you press it.

On the map screen, one of each item is available in your item slots for the first two rows. The second two rows are filled with P-Wings, kind of like when you beat the game.

During a level, the following is available:

  • Unlimited time. The timer will still tick down, but you won't die when the timer hits zero.
  • Pressing "Select" chooses your power-up. It goes from small, big, fire, raccoon, frog, tanooki, and Hammer Bros.
    • Hold "A" and Press Select for Kuribo's shoe! In most levels, the shoe will appear glitched, but will show correctly with the correct enemy set.

(Source: David Wonn)