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Adding content

We welcome all sorts of content about debug modes and other unused things. Unused graphics, unused text, unused sounds or music, it's all fair game! Please follow these guidelines if you wish to add something or edit information:

  1. Please remember that this site is not GameFAQs. Posting walkthroughs, cheat codes, etc. is not allowed unless such a code is relevant to a debug mode/accessing an unused thing in a game.
  2. Please be as detailed as possible in your description. If you just post a link, the link may be broken and the information you posted will become useless.
  3. Please do not post things that are solely rumors or speculative unused things. Everything on here is true information that can be verified and tested in some manner.
  4. Please make sure to post evidence, such as an image, a link to a video or music file, a Gameshark code, etc.
  5. Please do not post about video game glitches unless they are pertinent to the unused thing (such as a glitch that makes a normally unused graphic appear, or a glitch that leads you into a debug room).
  6. Likewise, discussion of Prototype/Final comparisons of games are not to be made, unless they too are pertinent to the unused thing. This wiki is for about unused things in final, released versions of games. I may consider a wiki of this topic later on, however.
  7. Please credit the person who initially made the discovery, as well as any media you use that is not from the discoverer of the unused thing.