Unused Items & DialogueEdit


Unused dialogue suggesting the existence of a Diving Equipment item that is not in the final version of the game.


Unused dialogue suggesting the existence of a Projection Gear item that is not in the final version of the game.


Unused conclusion dialogue for the excised Diving Equipment and Projection Gear.

Unused dialogue that can be found in the game's ROM data suggests two unused items that would have been clues you had to give to Velma to progress in the first level of the game, the Red Ryan Pirate Ship level. The items were Diving Equipment and Projection Gear. The Projection Gear seems like it would have served as an explanation for how the villain can make himself appear and disappear like a ghost, but was probably excised so that the same explanation would not have to be used for every villain on every level or a new one would not have to be made for every level. (The final version offers no explanation for the villains' teleportation powers.)

Unused DialogueEdit


Unused dialogue with a mild swear.

Another piece of unused dialogue appears to be a programmer's in-joke. The line, "IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU DAMN PESKY KIDS" contains a mild swear that would not have been used on the cartoon and would most likely not have been allowed in a game based on the cartoon. It is also situated between two unrelated pieces of dialogue, as opposed to being alongside any villain dialogue, which suggests it was never actually intended to be used.

Dummied PasswordEdit


Unused password.

The game's ROM data includes the password RHGHRWB which doesn't do anything. It is possible that it was intended for a level or bonus game that didn't make it into the final version, or could be some other debugging/developmental password that was dummied in the final release.

(Source: Ragey)

Excised Bonus GameEdit


Text for an excised bonus game

There is unused dialogue in the ROM for banana tallying and a raft. Neither bananas nor a raft exist in the final version of the game. Either this could be an excised banana-collecting bonus game, or it may have been planned at one point for Shaggy and Scooby to collect bananas in the levels for extra lives, a la Donkey Kong Country. The intended purpose of the raft is unclear although it sounds like it was either something you had to build in the level, or it may have been used for the banana bonus game. The dummied password may have been intended for this bonus game.