Duplicate CourtyardEdit

The following needs to be enabled via a Pro Action Replay code:

8084CBA9 + 8084CC07

Bizarrely enough, there really are two Courtyard arenas in this game. This stage shows up after you fight in the regular Courtyard (because it follows the pattern of the Game Genie codes where you always fight in a particular stage after the first fight), and it either seems to be 90% complete, or a test stage of some sort. Instead of “The Courtyard” on the versus screen, it calls it “Throne Room”. It doesn’t play the typical music track, however. It actually plays the music that normally plays when you fight Goro! However, the only thing you can’t do on this level is your character’s fatality, or the game will go haywire in an ultra-slowdown, then freeze completely. Otherwise, it seems to be fully playable.

Aside from being a test stage, I don't see any other reason why there should be two versions of the Courtyard.

Video comparing the two Courtyard stages.

(Source: Rick L)