Dr. WilyEdit

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You can see half of Dr. Wily's portrait in the "Member Select" menu, but you can't move your cursor over to select it. Dr. Wily is playable as part of the teams Elec and Dust in League Mode, but the only way to have him as a playable character in other modes is with a cheating device or through hacking. Dr. Wily is fully coded into the game. You can make him use his special move, and he even has his own set of 1P/2P player and goalie palettes. Why you can't select him in the final version is unknown.

Codes to activate Dr. Wily:

  • 7E091C14 (Position: DF1)
  • 7E092014 (Position: DF2)
  • 7E091014 (Position: FW1)
  • 7E091414 (Position: FW2)
  • 7E091814 (Position: FW3)
  • 7E092C14 (Position: Goalie)
  • 7E092414 (Position: HF1)
  • 7E092814 (Position: HF2)

(Source: GoldS) (Code Source: GSCentral)


Mmsoccer credits

A full set of credits for the game goes completely unused. When you complete the "Capcom Championship" story mode, you just get sent back to the title screen.

(Source: GoldS)

Potential Multitap SupportEdit

Mmsoccer multitap

4 player mode using the SNES Multitap must have been planned at some point. This error message and the 3P and 4P icons remain in the ROM. In the final game only 2 players can play at once and there is no Multitap support.

(Source: GoldS)