Sprite Viewer/Sound TestEdit


There is a sprite viewer and sound test combo menu that can be accessed with the aid of a Game Genie. The code is as follows:


The code will come to a blank screen. However, if you press the "A" button, the menu will appear. You will be presented with the following options:

  • SEQ: Animation Sequence.
  • COL: Palette Color.
  • TAB: Sprite table? Irreversably glitches if changed after a certain point.
  • TMR: Animation timer length.
    • [blank] = Indicates point of sprite animation change, I believe.
  • Player 0/Player 1/Player 2: Changed by pressing Start. Unsure what this is meant to be for.
  • SOUND = Sound Test! Both music and SFX can be played here.

The controls are as follows:

  • Up: Move Cursor Up
  • Down: Move Cursor Down
  • A = Select an option
  • Select: Apparantly to exit. With Game Genie enabled, Press "A" and you'll go right back into this mode.
  • Start: Toggle between "Player 0", "Player 1", and "Player 2". No idea what this means.

With an Option Selected

  • Up: Increase ones digit by 1
  • Down: Decrease ones digit by 1
  • A: Increase tens digit by 1
  • B: Exit option

Code posted on The Mechanical Maniacs.