PC LeftoversEdit

The following Gameshark codes actually re-enable two cheats from the PC that still happen to be in the game and still fully working, just completely unused! I added a couple of Activator codes so that the codes can be freely toggled on and off at will. The toggling will work better with the "Control Stick Move" control setting.

3rd person1

Before activating 3rd Person mode

3rd person2

After activating 3rd Person mode

Third-Person View (R+Left to enable, R+Right to disable)

  • D12AD164 0210
  • 802A5A53 0001
  • D12AD164 0110
  • 802A5A53 0000

Toggle Clipping (R+Up to enable, R+Down to disable)

  • D12AD164 0810
  • 802AAA6F 0001
  • D12AD164 0410
  • 802AAA6F 0000

I can't actually say for certain why the cheats were still left in, though with the amount of PC Leftovers that can still be seen with a Hex editor, it's a safe bet to say it's just one of the many PC leftovers they didn't do much with.

Source: Unknown

Mirror Effect LeftoverEdit

Dn64 mirror1 Dn64 mirror2 Dn64 mirror3

With the "No Clipping" cheat on, go to the bathroom area in Hollywood Holocaust. Where the first picture is, go straight through the wall. You'll come to a mirror image of the restroom area, but both of the passageways will lead to dead ends. It's a safe bet to say that they were at one time trying to test mirror effects in the N64 port, but for one reason or another, the effect was scrapped.

(Credit: Rick L.)