Unused RoomEdit


Donkey Kong 64 Beta Testing Room.


A motionless clone of Donkey Kong sits in the Beta room.

A hidden beta testing room can be accessed by using a code in Snide's HQ. After you have collected all the blueprints in the game, go to any Snide's HQ in any of the levels and bring up the Bonus Menu. Highlight any of the mini-games, then press and hold B and quickly press A. If you did it exactly right, you won't be taken to the mini-game, but instead a strange room with no music, three pedestals, a yellow balloon, and a motionless clone of Donkey Kong. There is no escape from this room. If you walk off into the dark space beyond the borders, you will appear to exit the room, but will reappear back inside of it again.

Code Source: David Wonn.

Image Source: FlyingOmelette.