Debug ScreensEdit

Deadtow debug1 Deadtow debug2 Deadtow debug3 Deadtow debug4 Deadtow debug5

A few debugging options still exist, but most seem to be disabled. To enable them, you will need a Game Genie. There are two lines of Game Genie codes needed to enable the following debug options.

To access any of these, once the full Game Genie code has been entered, hold A+B, then reset the game. Press any button on the D-Pad to exit to the copyright screen, or Start/Select to access the password screen as normal.

Use OZVAZPSX + [One of the following]:

  • IPVALOLP: CRC test. Seems to actually work.
  • LPVALOLO: Monitor Adjust.
  • ZZVALOLO: Color Adjust.
  • TZVALOLO: Timer On. Unlike the others, this actually does something. Press "A" to start the timer. Then press "A" to reset the timer back to 0, or "B" to stop it.
  • ILVALOLP: Sound Check.
  • TAVALOLO: Unknown Green Screen.
  • TLVALOLO: Unknown Black Screen. Seems like a title screen delay.

(Credit: CaH4e3)