Game Testing PasswordsEdit

A few unconventional passwords are hidden in the game. They don't follow the rules of the normal passwords at all, but still work. Please note that for these passwords, an underscore indicates a space, so select the "Forward" option to move ahead one space.

Additionally, to get these codes to work, you must hold A + Start after entering the password until you start on the map screen or the desired result is achieved.

Start with $100,000

H_MAN _____
_____ _____

Start at the Final Match

_____ _____

Instant Game Over

_____ _____

(Credit: CaH4e3)

Debug Mode PasswordEdit

Addtionally, there is a password that accesses a debug mode, but some extra steps need to be taken in order to access it. First, input the following password:

_ON__ _____

Before selecting the "END" option to confirm the password, Hold A + Start on Controller 1 and Left + A on Controller 2. Once you arrive on the map screen, hold Left + A on Controller 2, then press Start on Controller 1 to access the debug mode. While in Debug Mode, you have access to the following:

  • Memory Watcher?
  • Music Test
  • SFX Test

Casinokid debug Casinokid debug2 Casinokid debug3

The first option seems to be some kind of viewer. You can use the Left and Right keys to pick a digit, up and down to change its value, "B" to switch between the first and second set of numbers (The first set being 0000, and the second being 00). When on the first set, "A" seems to immediately call some kind of value depending on what the value is. Pressing "A" on the second set brings you back to the first set. No idea what this does. It could be a memory watcher of some sort?

Pressing "Start" from the Memory Watcher brings you to a music test. Press "A" to go ahead one song, and "B" to go back one song.

Pressing "Start" from the Music Test brings you to the SFX Test. The controls here are the same as the Music Test.

At any time, you can press "Select" to exit the debug mode.

(Credit: CaH4e3)