Unused ItemsEdit

Breath of Fire contains a number of unused items in the ROM that can be hacked into your inventory via Game Genie codes. They include:


Coach - If you try to use this item, you will get a message saying that only a very strong person can pull the coach. This item will do nothing, even if you put Ox or Doof at the front of your party.


DrWarp - This is a developmental item that will allow your party to warp to any location in the game. It was mistakenly left on the list of items that came with the game.


ExpBug - Though this item appears to have no function, its name suggests that it may have been something that increased the amount of experience points you'd earn from a battle.


Oath - Despite what its description says, this item's intended purpose is unknown.


Placebo - This item's intended purpose is also unknown. Placebo is a sham medicine in real life, so it is possible that this would work like a healing item.


Whiskers - The purpose of the whiskers is unknown, although you can carry them in groups of up to nine like other healing items.

Unused Areas & MusicEdit


Unused Bar Area in Nanai.


Incomplete Shrine Area.

By hacking the DrWarp into your inventory and setting it to location 0023 you will be able to explore Nanai during the day. Daytime Nanai is home to the game's one and only bar. You cannot enter the bar during normal gameplay since Nanai is blocked off by soldiers during the day, and a sleeping guard blocks the bar's door at night. Inside the bar is a song that is not heard anywhere else in the entire game. You can also warp directly into the bar by setting the DrWarp to 0043.

There is another unused area that can be accessed by entering 0071 on the DrWarp. It appears to be an incomplete dungeon or shrine with purple floors. The exterior of the area is a ruined dragon shrine. The interior of the shrine has several stairs going up and down, and two side chambers that both have a set of stairs leading up into a small room with a treasure chest that cannot be opened. This area has random encounters with blue slimes.

The upwards stairs in the main chamber lead to a room that has an altar with nothing on it. But if you search the altar, the game freezes. It seems likely that it would've been a save point, but the Dragon Lord statue is missing. The downwards stairs of the main chamber take you to a scrambled room that eventually warps you to Scande Tower.

Site with more pictures of the unused areas and an mp3 of the unused bar theme song.